There are people in need and others who want to help. We're looking for both.

Feeding Families

Weekly Pantries

We were asked by both County Human Services and United Way to take on two more pantries in 2011 so we now have three food and clothing banks; Yakima, Sunnyside and Mabton. Altogether, the three food banks serve roughly 2000 households with weekly allotments every month.

Daily food outreach

We run a Soup and Sandwich Outreach at Miller Park daily. These are primarily our homeless population; others include those below the 30% AMI threshold; our most needful population. Soup is provided by Olive Garden, and Mel’s. Sandwiches are made by local businesses and church groups. These and other contributions are then delivered to our facility for (First In – First Out) refrigeration and distribution. This is one of our best opportunities for building long term relationships with those we serve.


This is a community garden, intended to support our Food Banks and Outreach efforts. The garden helps provide a balanced diet to those we serve with an emphasis on nutrition. There have been nine large high school or college aged groups who’ve come to Yakima from across the Country for between 1 to 4 days to help in the garden and other parts of our operation.